Beginning in 1984, John Runkle practiced as a historical architect working in various organizations – from commercial architecture practices to non-profit foundations, culminating in the role of Principal Historical Architect for a leading historic preservation firm. 

In 1996, John left the business of architecture to attend seminary and become an Episcopal priest. While in seminary, he had the good fortune of being advised to hold on to his architectural skills and look for ways to use them in service to the church.

Since being ordained in 1999, John has worked with numerous congregations, clergy and dioceses in the care of their buildings and furnishings, which often are historically significant (for a complete list of church projects, please click here).

In 2017, John opened John Runkle Architects, PLLC, in order to better serve those seeking his professional expertise.

After more than thirty years working with historic structures in this country and abroad, JRA is a firm fully capable and eager to work with new and existing clients on their important buildings, both historic and religious.